Jerusalem Coenaculum Upper Room 001



  • Title:  Jerusalem Coenaculum Upper Room 001
  • Description:  The Cenacle (from Latin cēnāculum "dining room", later spelt coenaculum and semantically drifting towards "upper room"), also known as the "Upper Room", is a room in the David's Tomb Compound in Jerusalem, traditionally held to be the site of the Last Supper.

    The Cenacle is considered the site where many other events described in the New Testament took place, such as:
    - preparation for the celebration of Jesus' final Passover meal
    - the washing of his disciples' feet
    - certain resurrection appearances of Jesus
    - the gathering of the disciples after the Ascension of Jesus
    - the election of Saint Matthias as apostle - the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost.

    Pilgrims to Jerusalem report visiting a structure on Mount Zion commemorating the Last Supper since the fourth century CE. Some scholars would have it that this was the Cenacle, in fact a synagogue from an earlier time. The anonymous pilgrim from Bordeaux, France reported seeing such a synagogue in 333 CE. A Christian synagogue is mentioned in the apocryphal fourth-century Anaphora Pilati ("Report of Pilate"). But a Jewish origin for the building has come under serious question for which see below. The building has experienced numerous cycles of destruction and reconstruction, culminating in the Gothic structure which stands today.
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