Armenian Washing Of The Feet 001



  • Title:  Armenian Washing Of The Feet 001
  • Description:  In the Armenian Church there are three services on Maundy Thursday, symbolizing three different events in the last days of the earthly ministry of Christ. The morning service commemorates The Last Supper, at which Jesus instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist by giving Holy Communion to His disciples. In the afternoon the Washing of the Feet service takes place, commemorating the humility and service of our Lord Jesus Christ in washing the feet of His disciples. The somber Vigil service is held in the evening, commemorating the betrayal, arrest, trial, and suffering of Christ. Twelve candles are lit and at the completion of each order of Scripture readings two of the candles are extinguished. After the Bible readings, the lights of the church are dimmed. A single candle is left to remind us of Christ’s singular presence in the darkness. The service of Maundy Thursday prepares us to remember the suffering and crucifixion of our Lord on Good Friday.

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