Jerusalem Gordon Calvary 001



  • Title:  Jerusalem Gordon Calvary 001
  • Description:  "A sort of amphitheatre is formed by the gentle slopes on the west; and the whole population of the city might easily witness from the vicinity anything taking place on the top of the cliff. The knoll is just beside the main north road. It is occupied by a cemetery of Muslem tombs, which existed as early as the fifteenth century at least…The hill is quite bare, with scanty grass covering the rocky soil, and a few irises and wild flowers growing among the graves . . . .The hillock is rounded on all sides but the south, where the yellow cliff is pierced by two small caves high up in the sides…In 1881 it was found that a Jewish tomb existed on a smaller knoll west of the north road, about two hundred yards from the top of the first-mentioned knoll" ("Survey of Western Palestine," Jerusalem volume, p. 432).

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