Jerusalem Via Dolorosa Station 7 - 001



  • Title:  Jerusalem Via Dolorosa Station 7 - 001
  • Description:  The Via Dolorosa also known as Jesus Way of the Cross and 14 stations of the Cross rout is one of the most important and meaningful Holy Land attractions to worldwide Christians.

    Jesus-14-Stations-of-the-Cross-PictureCrusaders and Pilgrims who have been following this path since early ancient days. The path has been changed over the history, but the spiritual tradition remained. The way of the cross – Via Dolorosa marks Jesus path after being convicted by Pilate.

    Seventh Station: Jesus falls the second time

    Though not in Scripture, tradition holds that in the time of the crucifixion, a copy of Jesus' death sentence was posted on an old gate nearby. This gate later became known as the Judgment Gate.
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