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  • Title:  Sea Of Galilee 001
  • Description:  Kinneret is the name of an important Bronze and Iron Age city situated on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, mentioned in the Old Testament and in the Aqhat Epic of Ugarit. Older Bible translations name Kinneret alternatively Kinnereth or Chinnereth, and sometimes in the plural as Chinneroth. The name evolved in time to become Gennesaret and Ginosar. The remains of Kinneret have been excavated at a site called Tell el-'Oreimeh in Arabic and Tel Kinrot in Modern Hebrew.

    Due to its prominence, the city gave its name to the lake for long periods of history, as the Sea of Kinneret, Kinnerot, Gennesaret or Ginosar, the last two mirroring the transformation of the name. "Gennesaret" is the Grecized form of Kinneret. As other places around the lake rose to prominence, such as Tiberias and Qasr al-Minya, the name of the lake changed to Lake Tiberias or Lake Minya.

    The name is also used for the "Plain of Gennesaret", which stretches south of the ancient city. For beauty and fertility this is called "the Paradise of Galilee". Its modern names are Plain of Ginosar (translated from modern Hebrew).

    The present-day Israeli Kibbutz Ginosar derives its name from the ancient town, though it is not located on its precise site. Even more remote, on the southeastern shore of the lake, are the two settlements of Moshavat Kinneret and Kvutzat Kinneret.
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