Be'er Sheva Be'er Avraham Abraham Well 001



  • Title:  Be'er Sheva Be'er Avraham Abraham Well 001
  • Description:  Abraham’s Well is a visitors’ center dedicated to Abraham, in this place is located the well which was dug by Abraham in Genesis 21.The story in Genesis 21 tells of a well which Abraham dug and Abimelech’s servants seized. Abraham gave seven ewe lambs to Abimelech as witness that he dug the well himself. Abimelech accepted the lambs and the two men swore an oath in the place, named Be’er Sheva.

    The well is in the center of the courtyard. It is 3 meters in diameter and 26 meters deep. The top part is lined with stones, probably from the Byzantine period, and the bottom part is cut into the bedrock. It is located at the edge of the Old City and on the Wadi Be’er Sheva.

    Abraham dug this well at the occasion of the oath Abraham made with Abimelech (Gen.21:22-34). Abraham is the Patriarch of the Jewish people. After leaving Ur Kasdim, he came to the land of Israel and lived many years here in Be’er Sheva.
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