Ethiopian Holy Week 001



  • Title:  Ethiopian Holy Week 001
  • Description:  Holy Week (the “Week of Pains”) or the Himamat in the ethiopian church take place from Thursday afternoon until Easter morning (late on Saturday night/Sunday morning) and is the strictest part of Lent. During Himamat no absolution is given, and during this week the fast becomes yet more rigorous. For some strict worshippers, having broken the fast after mass on Thursday they will not eat any food nor drink even a drop of water until Easter morning. So they totally abstain for all of Good Friday (or Sekelet) and Saturday, breaking this fast after the church service that goes through the night on Saturday, finishing at around 3am on Sunday morning. These three days are known as “Qanona”. The priests neither eat nor drink but remain in the churches singing and praying incessantly.
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