Palm Sunday 001



  • Title:  Palm Sunday 001
  • Description:  Holy Week is one of the major holidays in Syriac Church.

    The celebrations starts with the Ushane (Palm Sunday) The service consist with a procession in the church with the clergy, dressed in their vestments, carrying olive and palm branches. Following the procession, a special service for the Blessing of the Branches is held.

    The next day is celebrated the Phesaho (Thursday of Passion) during the service, the celebrant washes the right feet of the 12 deacons, anointing them with oil and kissing them. Then the deacon (or priest) representing Peter, with the other eleven assisting him, washes both feet of the celebrant. If the celebrant is a bishop, he is carried on his chair when he reads the Gospels, amidst the ululation of women.

    The third day is celebrated the Arubto D-hasho (Good Friday), probably the most moving service and full of symbolism, it is held at the close of the Third Hour prayers on Friday evening.

    The final day is the qyomto (Easter Sunday). During the evening prayer of Easter Eve (i.e., on Saturday evening), all the dark colored cloth used in the sanctuary during the Passion Week are removed and replaced with white and colorful cloth. The celebrant, with the rest of the clergy, enters into the sanctuary and conducts silently the Order of Resurrection behind the altar where the Cross is buried on Good Friday.
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