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  • Title:  Magdala 001
  • Description:  Magdala is the name of at least two places in Galilee, mentioned in the Jewish Talmud and one place that may be mentioned in the Christian New Testament.

    All four gospels refer to a follower of Jesus called Mary Magdalene, and it is usually assumed that this means "Mary from Magdala". There is no biblical information to indicate whether this was her home or her birthplace. Most Christian scholars assume that she was from the place the Talmud calls Magdala Nunayya, and that this is also where Jesus landed on the occasion recorded by Matthew.

    Mary Magdalene clearly is an integral part of Christian tradition. While some think that she may have come from the village Migdal, the Midrash HaGadol (Deut. 13:7) states that the mother of Jesus was named "Miriam Magdala Nishaia" (Mary Magdalene), which name, according to the 11th-century Talmudic exegete, Rashi, meant "Mary, the Braider of women's hair."
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