Amram's Pillars 001



  • Title:  Amram's Pillars 001
  • Description:  Amram’s Pillars, colossal columns that could have come straight out of a pagan temple, are a natural phenomenon located within the dazzling Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve.

    Considering their location so close to the Sinai Desert, and the entire desert connection, Amram’s Pillars could logically have been named for Moses’ father Amram. But, in fact, their name derives from the riverbed in which they stand: amrani in Arabic, with the Hebrew name simply resembling the Arabic.

    Is formed by magmatic rocks of shimmering black, dusty green and burnt-red hues, mingling deliciously with cream-colored dolomite and yellowish limestone. The view is especially startling when a raven-colored hill suddenly appears, jutting out of a lighter mountainside.

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