Jericho Synagogue 001



  • Title:  Jericho Synagogue 001
  • Description:  The synagogue, dating from the Byzantine period, was revealed in excavations conducted in 1936 by Dr. Baramki of the Department of Antiquities under the British Mandate. An Arab family built a house over the mosaic floor and charged admission to visit it.

    The mosaic floor incorporates Jewish symbols such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Menorah, the Shofar and the Lulav. There is also a Hebrew inscription, "Peace upon Israel", after which the mosaic was named.

    After the 1967 Six Day War, the site came under Israeli military control and remained under the administrative responsibility of the owners (the Shahwan family). Tourists and Jews began visiting the site regularly for prayers. In 1987, the Israeli authorities confiscated the mosaic, the house and a small part of the farm around it. They offered compensation to the Shahwan family but that was rejected. Following the Oslo Accords, the site was given to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Since then the PA has deployed a special security force to protect it.
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