Armenian Holy Week 001



  • Title:  Armenian Holy Week 001
  • Description:  Although Holy Week is a short period, it is the most eventful and important church period for all Armenian Christians. During this time, the church follows closely the last scenes of our Lord’s Life.

    Holy Week is a solemn celebration of the important and final redemptive events of Christ’s earthly life, especially His entry into Jerusalem, His Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, Crucifixion and Entombment on Good Friday, and His triumphant Resurrection on that first Easter morning.

    In order to truly understand our Holy Week commemorations, it is necessary to closely listen to the Scripture Readings and lessons proclaimed at each Liturgy. These scriptural selections not only recreate the grief, pain and suffering of the Son of God during His last week on earth, but also enrich our spirits with His teachings/preaching and merciful miracles.

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