Beit She'an Amphitheater 001



  • Title:  Beit She'an Amphitheater 001
  • Description:  Beit She'an is a city in the Northern District of Israel which has played historically an important role due to its geographical location, at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley. It has also played an important role in modern times, acting as the regional center of the villages in the Beit She'an Valley.

    The ancient city ruins are now protected within a national park, known as Bet She'an National Park.

    The city flourished under the "Pax Romana", as evidenced by high-level urban planning and extensive construction, including the best preserved Roman theatre of ancient Samaria.

    The theater was built in the 1st century AD. The structure seen today is from the end of the 2nd C, which was used until the 8th C. The theater contained 7,000 seats, arranged in a 110M diameter structure which was cut into the hillside. Only the lower of the three of levels of seats have survived, with 13 rows of limestone seats.

    A hippodrome was constructed in the 2nd Century AD. It is located 200m south of the theater, outside of the national park. In the 4th Century it was converted into an amphitheater, which hosted hunting displays and entertainment shows.
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