Zippori Amazons Hunting 001



  • Title:  Zippori Amazons Hunting 001
  • Description:  Zippori is a village and an archeological site located in the central Galilee region of Israel, 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) north-northwest of Nazareth. It lies 286 m above sea level and overlooks the Beit Netofa Valley. The site holds a rich and diverse historical and architectural legacy that includes Hellenistic, Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Crusader, Arabic and Ottoman influences. In Late Antiquity, it was believed to be the birthplace of Mary, mother of Jesus, and the village where Saints Anna and Joachim are often said to have resided, where today a 5th-century basilica is excavated at the site honoring the birth of Mary.

    The origin of the word Amazon lies in the Greek words Mazos, which means breast, and A, which means no. The legend tells us that these warrior women cut off their right breast in order to draw the bow more easily.

    Yet on this mosaic, no sign of mutilation is visible on the Amazon's breasts.
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