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  • Title:  Sobibor Memorial of Ashes 0001
  • Description:  Sobibór was a Nazi German extermination camp built and operated by the SS near the railway station of Sobibór during World War II. The camp was part of the secretive Operation Reinhard, which marked the deadliest phase of the Holocaust in Poland. The camp was situated near the rural county's major town of Włodawa. Jews from Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, were transported to Sobibór by rail. Most were suffocated in gas chambers fed by the exhaust of a large petrol engine. Up to 250,000 people were murdered at Sobibór, this would make it the fourth worst extermination camp, after Bełżec, Treblinka, and Auschwitz.

    During the revolt of 14 October 1943, about 600 prisoners tried to escape; about half succeeded in crossing the fence, of whom around 50 evaded capture. Shortly after the revolt, the Germans closed the camp, bulldozed the earth, and planted it over with pine trees to conceal its location. Today, the site is occupied by the Sobibór Museum, which displays a pyramid of ashes and crushed bones of the victims, collected from the cremation pits.
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