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  • Title:  Tel Afek 001
  • Description:  Tel Afek is an archaeological site located in the coastal hinterland of the Ein Afek Nature Reserve, east of Kiryat Bialik, Israel. It is also known as Tel Kurdani.

    The site is what remains of the biblical town of Aphik, which is mentioned in the Joshua 19:30 and Judges 1:31 as belonging to the Tribe of Asher. In ancient Israel (c 950 BCE) the area was part of Cabul and was given to Hiram I by Solomon as a reward for various services rendered to him in building the First Temple. 1 Kings 9:12.

    Remains from the Chalcolithic age, and tombs from the Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze Ages have been excavated here.

    Pottery from the Persian, Hellenistic Roman, and the Byzantine eras have been found here
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