Zin Valley 001



  • Title:  Zin Valley 001
  • Description:  Zin Valley extends to the East and was created by the erosion of Zin River due the creation of Dead Sea Valley. The Zin river begins on the slope of Ramon Crater and ends in the Dead Sea. The Zin river terminates sharply the cliffs of Avdat Plateau and in many places the Zin springs are sprouting out.

    The Zin desert is the Biblical desert from which the 12 spies were sent by Moses to tour the promise land. The Zin River marks the historical border of Israel in biblical times. ( Joshua 15 2:3 ) 2. And their south border was from the Dead Sea, 3 And it went southward. to the ascent of Akrabbim, and passed along to Desert Zin, and went up to Kadesh-barnea.

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