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  • Title:  Tel Jericho 001
  • Description:  Tel Jericho is an archaeological site in the northeastern section of Jericho also known as er-Riha, Yeriho, Tel es-Sultan and Eriha. The tel (mound or hill) was the location of ancient Jericho and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site within the Palestinian Authority West Bank. The site is located in the lower plains of the Jordan Valley, about 10km north of the Dead Sea at 250 meters below sea level. It is close to the Ein es-Sultan spring.

    Jericho is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world that has remained permanently inhabited from the 10th millennia BC. The site of Tel Jericho is identified with ancient Jericho which is mentioned in historical documents and the Bible. Today at the site visitors can see the excavated structures which once formed the core of Jericho city.

    The oldest remains on the site come from the Natufian culture (10th- 8th millennia BC) and an early Neolithic settlement from c.9600BC is evident with round houses of mud bricks and a circular tower remaining from Pre-Pottery Neolithic A period fortifications. The next historic period evident at the site is the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B period where houses were rectangular and made of elongated bricks. Skulls were found below the floors of these houses. This phase of human history shows the transformation from hunter-gatherers to a domestic settlement with a more complex society. During the Early Bronze Age Jericho was a major urban center and in the Middle Bonze Age II massive fortifications were built as well as a revetment wall supporting the slope of the tel.
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