Jerusalem En Karem Marys Spring 001



  • Title:  Jerusalem En Karem Marys Spring 001
  • Description:  Ein Karem is an ancient village of the Jerusalem District and now a neighbourhood in southwest Jerusalem.

    According to a Christian tradition which started in the 14th century, the Virgin Mary drank water from this village spring, and here is also the place where Mary and Elizabeth met. Therefore, since the 14th century the spring is known as the Fountain of the Virgin. The spring waters are considered holy by some Catholic and Orthodox Christian pilgrims who visit the site and are filling here their bottles. What looks like a spring is actually the end of an ancient aqueduct. The spring itself was always known as one of the best and strongest in the Judaean Mountains, but today its water is not potable due to pollution. The former Arab inhabitants have built a mosque and school on the site, of which a maqam (shrine) and minaret still remain. The spring was repaired and renovated by Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
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