Safed Haari Ashkenazi Synagogue 001



  • Title:  Safed Haari Ashkenazi Synagogue 001
  • Description:  The Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue, located in Safed, Israel, was built in memory of Rabbi Isaac Luria, (1534 - 1572), who was known as the "Ari". It dates from the late 16th-century, it being constructed several years after the death of Luria, a great kabbalist who arrived in Safed in 1570. A Hebrew inscription above the entrance lintel reads: "How awe-inspiring is this place, the synagogue of the Ari of blessed memory.” The synagogue is known for its colorful and ornate Holy Ark. It may be the oldest synagogue in Israel that is still in use.

    In the eighteenth century, with the arrival of the Hasidim from Eastern Europe, the synagogue came to serve the Ashkenazi community. The synagogue was destroyed in the Galilee earthquake of 1837, and was rebuilt 20 years later. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War a bomb is said to have fallen in the outside courtyard. Shrapnel flew into the synagogue while it was packed with people seeking shelter, yet miraculously no one was hurt. This event was considered one of many miracles said that took place in Safed. Though the synagogue is associated by name with the Ashkenazi community, today it serves as a place of worship for Hasidic and Sephardic Jews and remains popular among worshippers of different affiliations.
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